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Sleep Mask Accessories

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Premium Gift Wrap
Sleep Mask Gift Box
$4.95SALE PRICE:$1.95 
New Product
Motion Potion for Travel Sickness
Motion Potion Inhaler
$12.95SALE PRICE:$9.95 
Snug Band
Black Head Band
$3.45SALE PRICE:$2.95 
Adhesive Strips for Zeepo Mask
18 Strips
$6.95SALE PRICE:$3.59 
Sleep Mask Carry Pouch - 5.25" x 11.75"
Black Carry Pouch
$5.95SALE PRICE:$2.97 
Dream Essence Herb Sleep Sachet
Lemon Verbena
$4.95SALE PRICE:$3.95 
Dream Essence Herb Sleep Sachet
Rose Geranium
$4.95SALE PRICE:$3.95 
Mack’s® SafeSound® Ultra Soft Foam Earplugs 12 Pair
Mack’s® Ultra Soft 10 Pairs
$5.95SALE PRICE:$4.75 

Complement your sleep mask with any of these useful sleep accessories designed specially for you. Reach maximum comfort while enjoying high quality at the best prices.

These sleep accessories can personalize a sleeping mask with your preferences. Choose between different sleep aromatherapy fragrances for your Dream Essence Collection or adjust the size of your sleep mask with a headband. You can also choose a pair of earplugs to improve your sleep experience.

Traveling with your sleep mask? Get a carry pouch specially design to fit any sleep mask.

With many years in the industry, we are here to help you sleep better.